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25th April 2013 Lunar Eclipse

Type - Partial Lunar Eclipse

Partial Lunar Eclipse Primarily Visible from Eastern Hemisphere


Entire eclipse visible from Western Australia, Central & East Africa, Central Asia and Indian Ocean. Part of the eclipse visible from Australasia and most of Europe.  


The first lunar eclipse of 2013 occurs at the Moon's ascending node in southern Virgo approximately 12° east of Spica (mv = +1.05). Contact Times are;

                                                                                                          Penumbral Eclipse Begins:  18:03:38 UT

                                                                                                          Partial Eclipse Begins:    19:54:08 UT

                                                                                                          Greatest Eclipse:          20:07:30 UT

                                                                                                          Partial Eclipse Ends:      20:21:02 UT

                                                                                                          Penumbral Eclipse Ends:    22:11:26 UT  


Although it is a partial eclipse, the Moon only just skims Earth’s Umbra. At the time of Greatest Eclipse the umbral eclipse magnitude is 0.0147. The event is only a small fraction partial with just 0.5 arc-minutes of the Moon's northern limb passing through Earth’s umbral shadow, resulting in the partial phase lasting less than 27 minutes. The 25 April Lunar Eclipse belongs to Saros Series 112 and is number 65 out of 72. It is the last partial lunar eclipse of the series. The remainder are all penumbral types with the series ending Sunday 12 July 2139 at 00:01:45 TD. (TD - Terrestrial Dynamic Time).  


Saros 112 is a series consisting of 72 eclipses in the following sequence: 7 penumbral, 21 partial, 15 total, 22 partial, and ending in 7 penumbral lunar eclipses.


Duration of Saros 112  =  1280.14 Years.

First eclipse was Tuesday 20 May 0859 at 13:38:04 TD.

Ends Sunday 12 July 2139 at 00:01:45 TD.

(TD - Terrestrial Dynamic Time)  


Diargram credit, F.Espenak NASA.

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